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Volunteer to Pack

Turn Hunger into Hope with Your Own Two Hands

Help us reach our goal of of packing 600,000 meals by volunteering at our MobilePack event! We will need 3,000 volunteers to pack meals over our 4-day event.  Each packing session is divided into two-hour shifts.  Ages 5 years old to 105 can make a difference for starving children. 

Register as an individual or as a group.  Groups come in all shapes and sizes:

Families ~ Friends ~ Neighbors ~ Sports Teams ~ Churches ~ Sunday School Classes ~ Schools ~ Scout Troops ~ Businesses

Volunteers can choose from several jobs at our MobilePack events:

Packing MannaPacks -

  • Scooping rice, soy, veggies, and vitamin powder into bags

  • Weighing the bags

  • Sealing the bags

  • Packing the sealed bags into boxes

Perfect for friends and family who want to serve together, small

children, and those who love to talk and sing while working.

Warehouse -

  • Refilling packing stations with supplies

  • Carrying boxes of MannaPacks to the weighing station

  • Weighing and sealing boxes of MannaPacks

  • Assembling boxes

  • Scooping rice and soy into bins for use at packing stations

Perfect for those who love to walk, lift & carry, arm days/leg days, and being needed by many.

Labels -

  • Labeling MannaPack bags

Perfect for those who want to sit and work and those who love to play with stickers.

IMG_2882 (002).JPG

It's the most fun you will ever have in a hairnet!

2025 Packing Sessions

Registration opens 6 weeks prior to the event

Watch the video below to learn more.

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