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Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved

Become an Event Sponsor or Partner

Get your business, church, sports team, or community organization involved as an Event Sponsor or Partner. For more information on how to become an Event Sponsor or Partner, use the email, Facebook, or Instagram options below to contact us, or click here to visit our Corporate Pack page.

Sponsor a Child for One Year

The cost to feed one child for an entire year is only $106.  Each meal only costs 29 cents.  Click here to donate.

Volunteer to Pack Meals

It takes 3,000 volunteers to reach our goal to pack $600,000 meals.  Over 4 days, we will host several 2-hour packing shifts. Ages 5 to 105 can participate and make an impact for starving children.  Click here for more information.


Registration will open six weeks prior to the event.

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