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Corporate Pack

From Hunger to Hope 2025 Corporate Pack

Join Us as a Corporate Sponsor in the Fight Against Hunger

From Hunger to Hope 2025 Corporate Pack provides an extraordinary opportunity for your corporation to make a lasting impact on global hunger while fostering team building and collaboration among your employees and/ or clients.

Every year From Hunger to Hope's Corporate Pack continues to grow.  A special thank you to our 2024 Corporate Pack Sponsors who were single-handedly responsible for providing the funding and packing for 125,000 meals.  Our goal is to blow away this number in 2025!

From Hunger to Hope Corporate Pack is not just an event; it's a movement aimed at alleviating hunger and providing hope to those who need it most. By joining hands with us, your corporation can be an integral part of this noble cause, making a tangible difference in the lives of the millions of children facing the harsh reality of starvation on a daily basis.

The Power of Team Building

This is more than a sponsorship opportunity; it's a chance for your team to come together in a meaningful way. From Hunger to Hope provides a unique team-building experience that transcends the traditional office environment. As your employees and/ or clients collaborate side by side, packing nutritious meals, they will forge stronger bonds, share memorable experiences, and leave with a sense of fulfillment that extends beyond the workplace. See the Testimonials from a few participants in prior years.

Why Sponsor From Hunger to Hope?

Social Impact

Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility by contributing to a cause that addresses one of the world's most pressing issues – hunger.

Brand Visibility

Gain exposure and positive brand association by being prominently featured in event materials, press releases, our website and any social media campaigns.

Global Reach

Showcase your corporation's dedication to making a global impact. Our event spans continents, reaching communities in need across the world.

Team Building

Enhance employee engagement and foster relationships with clients through a shared experience that goes beyond the boardroom.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are various sponsorship levels to suit the unique needs and preferences of your corporation. Whether you choose to be an event sponsor, platinum, gold or silver sponsor, or contribute in another way, your support is crucial in turning the tide against hunger.  To learn more, click here or on the "Get Involved" tab above.


Together, we can turn hunger into hope.

To read testimonials from previous Corporate Pack Sponsors, click here.

2025 Corporate Pack Sessions

*Contact us below for additional available dates and times

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